Fair Winds Farm LLC
Contact: Merrie Long-Everhart and Richard J. Everhart
Address: 390 Egypt Ridge Road Spencer, , 25276
Email Address:
Phone: 304-927-0717
About Us
Chickens are let outdoors everyday usually in the afternoon once they have laid their eggs.
We try to re-purpose everything we can on our farm: Our grass clippings are raked up and put into the chicken pens as extra bedding (the girls love pecking and scratching in it). The hay that falls from our rabbit cages also is used as bedding and as nesting material in the nest boxes. We feed all our kitchen waste to the girls and our neighbor saves hers as well. We use leftover whey (from another friend who has milk goats) to make a moist mash treat out of regular feed, sunflower seeds, oats and cracked corn. We wash and bake the egg shells from the eggs we consume so we can crunch them up and give them to the chickens for grit and a source of calcium.