Lonewillow Farm
Contact: Clerc Daniell
Address: 2105 Lick Fork Spencer, WV, 25276
Email Address:
Phone: 304-531-4480
About Us
Lonewillow has been in the Daniell family since 1865
Specializing in herbs, vegetables,fruits, perennial flowers, flowering herbs and shrubs
No chemicals used on Lonewillow Farm
Close to 100 acres kept in natural woodland
Areas left in perennial growth to protect praying mantis and other creatures
No tilling is done on my farm to promote soil microbes
Bees can find flowering plants most of the year
No chemicals are ever used on my farm - herbs or produce Power line right of ways are cut not sprayed. Beneficial insects, bees, toads, earth worms and spiders are protected by careful mowing and other land practices. Cover crops mulching and compost and plants grown to improve fertility of the soil are used with few off farm natural products used.